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Freetix is a service that supports the Australian Entertainment and Sports industries, helping cultivate new audiences.

We introduce new and exciting experiences to members by offering free tickets to shows and events Australia-wide.

For just $15.00 a year you have the opportunity to see concerts, expos, festivals, sports, theatre, comedy and try out health and fitness activities.

Freetix arranges complimentary tickets for members when a performance or event is in previews, under publicised, expecting the attendance of reviewers or celebrities, or would like the benefits of a full house.

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  • Cosmic Psychos

    Cosmic Psychos

  • The Omega Quest

    The Omega Quest

  • Cirque De Femes

    Cirque De Femes

  • More Sex Please Were Seniors

    More Sex Please, We’re Seniors!

  • The Mavericks

    The Mavericks

  • Carrie Fishers - Wishful Drinking

    Carrie Fisher’s - Wishful Drinking

  • Charlie Pickering

    Charlie Pickering

  • Immersed Dance Industry Gala

    Immersed Dance Industry Gala

  • Underground Winter

    Underground Winter

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    The Tap Pack

  • FightCard 16

    FightCard 16

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